GLC+ is the creative and expressive arm of the church.

It allows our members to express God using their gifts and talents. It means each of us can express God in whatever way we feel led. Some of our current upcoming projects include:

Life Series: The Conversation

One for the debaters; this quarterly event provides a platform to ask the tough and gritty questions that Christians often shy away from. Through our discussions, sometimes heated, but always with love, we delve into the heart of the Bible regarding these topics and are able to arrive at a general consensus for moving forward. Contact us to discover more Life Series events 

Relationship Matters

You can choose the company you work for but you can’t choose your boss! In the same way, you don’t always have a decision on every relationship in your life. Relationships really matter and our lives are full of them! Our Relationship Matters series is designed to help us understand the place of different relationships in our lives and how to navigate some of the most challenging aspects of relationships.

Career & Business Development

There’s a real desire at GLC to ensure all our members are maximising their potential and progressing in the workplace. Our careers team provide CV support, run a job board and plan our annual Month of Distinction. We also have Young Professionals Connect (YPC) – a peer learning networking group, established by and for young professionals. Our vision is to build a strong community of young, inspiring and successful professionals by providing a regular platform for ideas and knowledge to be shared. Interested? 

Personal Development

Life is best lived when it is done purposefully! We run several events and courses to make sure you keep growing. Destiny Coaching is our mentoring programme dedicated to identifying, developing and equipping leaders for the church and community. Your money is God’s money so how you handle it is important. We know that keeping a balanced view of our money can be tough. Our Money Matters seminars offer practical tips and tools to help you manage your money and get you out of debt. Sign up for our personal development programme.